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Bulletin Articles

Bulletin Article for March 10, 2024

Critical Thinking for Good Decision Making and Productivity

 “Think It Over”
Dee Bowman – c/o Folsom church of Christ, Folsom, CA


Today I was just musing about some stuff? You ever take time to just sit and muse about stuff? About how fortunate you are to know the Lord, about how glad you are to have those that love you round about you, about how good you feel just being around those who share your hope and who’re dedicated to the same spiritual goals you are?

Most of us don’t have time to be absorbed in our own thoughts, we’re too busy thinking about what we’re told to think about. We do too much personal ruminating, but it’s really good for us. We’re so busy entertaining thoughts about present matters and pressures of various sorts having to do with job, or family, or maybe what we plan to do this weekend.

Would you allow me just a minute or two to suggest some things that are fodder for good musing. It won’t take long–just relax and think about this stuff, won’t you?

First of all, how long has it been since you just sat and thought about God? No TV, no iPod, nothing stuck in your ear. Nothing to distract. Just a few minutes to let your heart meditate on the things of God. You ever think about His creative skills? Just think. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” What a statement that is! And what about the realization that He created us “after His own image”? You ever think about that? “In His image.” How wonderful is that? It’s worth a few minutes of your time, don’t you think?

Do you ever stop and think about what was involved in the giving of Jesus? You talk about food for pondering. The wonder of it is almost more than we can contemplate, but it deserves our consideration anyhow. How could the Son of God come to the earth and live like a man? Can you get hold of that? How could he have been amongst sinners and commit no sin Himself? What a life he lived. And what a death He died. Think about that–He had no sin, no not one, and yet the Savior became sin for us. For us. Can you think about that for a little while?

And can you think a few minutes about how He died? What a travesty of justice, what a painful demonstration of stupidity and insolence. He was scourged, painfully beaten, had to drag a cross. And the ridicule. It was everywhere. He was deserted. He had no one to plead His case. He died on a tree which had its existence because of Him. How sad is all that? And here’s a thought for you: He did that for me. For me? You mean for me? That’s right, me. That’s a high thought. It makes us realize His love, His grace, He mercy. Oh, What A Savior! Something to stop and think about.

And what about a few minutes “off” to think about our blessings. We don’t have time to name them all, that’s for sure; but how about taking a few minutes with a pencil and pad just listing a few blessings you consider valuable? You’ll be surprised by what you write down, I’ll tell you that. There are so many, and they reach so many different areas. What about your mate? How wonderful a blessing to have someone who shares your love for God, for His church. Or how about your kids? Or what about what your parents and all they did for you? And even if they didn’t do much, they gave you the precious gift of life. What about the talent you have, the abilities God gave you? And what about your salvation? Who taught you about Him? Who caused you to want to grow up into Him, to be more like Him? What about that? Aren’t these and a thousand other blessings things to think about? What would you write down?

And maybe it would be good to take a few minutes and think about the hereafter. It’s appointed to men to die and then there’s the judgment. You ever have time to think about that? Ever have time to contemplate the fact of your own mortality? How will it be at the judgment? How will it be done? We know enough about it to consider it carefully, that’s for sure. Where will I spend eternity? That’s a pretty serious thought, right? How beautiful heaven must be. And how horrible is hell. Sometimes it’s good to stop and consider where I will be when it’s all over–and it’s all over before you know it. You may shudder a bit, but it’s certainly worth consideration.

Maybe this coming week you could take a few minutes away from everything around, dismiss all the distractions that come along, and give some thought time to the real, the important, the lasting. I’ll tell you what you’ll find: the simple things are what it’s all about, the spiritual things are all that finally matter, the rewards are worth the effort.

Think it over.