Chronological Daily Bible

Chronological Daily Bible

Welcome to the Daily Bible Reading resources page. To help facilitate our readings and enhance learning and discussion, we are making available materials that will aid us in our readings. 

PDFs of 1 page forms available with questions that help us focus on the text and the lessons learned:

For a Form that you can download to your computer, copy, and fill out by typing answers, click here.

For a Form that you can download, print, and hand write answers, click here.


Charts and Handouts

Major Periods in the Old Testament

Tracing the Promises

The Family Tree of Abram

The Flow of Genesis

The Flow of Exodus

The Plagues of Egypt

The Flow of Numbers

Thoughts on David's Background: Questions from the Readings

The Flow of Joshua

The Theological Importance of the Promised Land

List of the Judges

Cycle of the Judges

The Flow of Judges and Ruth

The Flow of 1 Samuel

The Flow of 2 Samuel

Proverbs by Subject

Chart of the Prophets

Table of Kings

Strange Alliances (Ahab and Jehoshaphat)

Miracles of Elijah and Elisha

Major Powers Facing Israel and Judah

The Dwelling of God

Jesus: Yahweh, Son of God, Son of Man

The Book of Acts

Parallels Between Jesus and Apostles

Who is the Man of Sin? (by Forrest D. Moyer)


Helpful Links and Resources

Bible Genealogies: articles and resources for people in the Bible (by Luke Moyer)


Weekly Summaries (note: while we are trying stay close to the CDB, due to the sequencing, sometimes we will simply be overviewing whole books, and so may not match exactly with the reading.)

All 52 Summaries in one PDF

Summary 1 (Gen. 1-19)

Summary 2 (Gen. 20-33)

Summary 3 (Gen. 34-50)

Summary 4 (Ex. 1-24)

Summary 5 (Ex. 25-40Lev. 8-10Num. 37-8)

Summary 6 (Numbers)

Summary 7 (Leviticus)

Summary 8 (Deuteronomy I)

Summary 9 (Deuteronomy II)

Summary 10 (Joshua and Conquest)

Summary 11 (Division of Land -- Joshua)

Summary 12 (Judges and Ruth)

Summary 13 (Samuel and Saul)

Summary 14 (David)

Summary 15 (Temple Preparations)

Summary 16 (Biblical Poetry)

Summary 17 (The Psalms)

Summary 18 (Varieties of Psalms)

Summary 19 (Solomon Becomes King, 1 Kings 1-3)

Summary 20 (Solomon: from Success to Failure)

Summary 21 (Proverbs and a Song)

Summary 22 (Ecclesiastes)

Summary 23 (A Divided Kingdom Overview)

Summary 24 (Bad Alliances, Consequences, and Solutions)

Summary 25 (Introduction to the Prophets)

Summary 26 (The Judgment of Israel)

Summary 27 (Reforms Under Hezekiah)

Summary 28 (Decline in Judah)

Summary 29 (Isaiah's Messianic Message)

Summary 30 (Josiah's Reforms)

Summary 31 (Jeremiah's Message)

Summary 32 (The Last King's of Judah)

Summary 33 (Daniel's Message)

Summary 34 (Ezekiel's Message)

Summary 35 (Lament for Jerusalem)

Summary 36 (Hope for Restoration)

Summary 37 (Overview of Job)

Summary 38 (Returning from Captivity)

Summary 39 (Rebuilding the Temple)

Summary 40 (Esther)

Summary 41 (Ezra, Nehemiah, and Malachi)

Summary 42 (The Messiah is Born)

Summary 43 (Jesus' Early Work)

Summary 44 (Parables and Miracles)

Summary 45 (Preparing for Death)

Summary 46 (The Trials and Crucifixion)

Summary 47 (The Resurrection)

Summary 48 (Overview of Acts)

Summary 49 (Paul's Epistles 1)

Summary 50 (Paul's Epistles (2) and Hebrews)

Summary 51 (James, Peter, John, and Jude)

Summary 52 (Revelation)